5 reasons to attend Conferences in person.

It has been just over two years since the news broke out about the coronavirus global pandemic. Every individual had to adjust to a new way of living. In, the corporate world working from home became the norm. Digital Confrences were the new way to socialise causing a newfound collision between their personal and professional lives.

Spring forwards to 2022 and finally, the corporate doors are opening back up. The start of a fresh new year without any covid restrictions will mean that large conferences can take place. At Christ College Cambridge we have a great variety of conference rooms to help provide any type of event you wish to plan. Here are five reasons why it is so important that your delegates attend conferences in person.

#1. Networking:

Studies have shown that people choose to meet in person for many varied reasons, for example, @greatbusinessschools.org proved 84% of professionals, prefer to meet face to face and believe it helps to build better relationships and raptor with fellow like-minded people. So don’t forget to urge your delegates to arrive early and to show their enthusiasm. Encourage them to be prepared and to bring a stack of their business cards to hand out to potential collaborators and like-minded professionals. It’s important for them to be organised, plan which events interest them most, and seek out the relevant people they find captivating.

#2. Career Development:

Another great reason to attend a conference in person is to gain further knowledge about your chosen field. It shows a commitment to learning new innovative ideas. Before attending the event, urge your delegates to plan which sessions they find more appealing. Make sure that you release all the relevant information about your conference early. It’s important to encourage them to map out their plans way in advance and prepare questions for each topic they are interested in.

#3. Be Inspired:

It’s only normal that sometimes our chosen profession can become stagnant at times. Attending conferences can be just the right tonic to awaken those sleeping creative ideas. It can help to invigorate the senses with a whole new fresh perspective for the delegates. Being exposed to new projects, technology and people can help to inspire and motivate our delegates. It can help them to be receptive and leap out of their comfort zone and attend sessions that they wouldn’t normally.

#4. Visit A New Place:

It should never be overlooked that attending a conference in a different location is quite appealing. It must unequivocally be noted that a conference is purely work-related, however, there must be some downtime. The wonderful thing about travelling to a new location is exploring the local landmarks. Or your delegates may prefer to indulge in a spot of lunch or dinner in one of the famous restaurants in said area. It’s even better if the place where you’re hosting your event can offer a place to stay for the evening. At Christ College Cambridge there is a mixture of accommodation on offer to provide to your guests.

#5. Enjoyment:

Gone are the days of instant coffee, poor lighting, and bad feedback from the microphone. The stigma about conferences being boring is becoming a thing of the past. With modern technology comes a fresh innovative approach to making a conference enjoyable from the get-go. With interactive games, new products, and interactive talks; the delegates will no doubt be enjoying themselves. Add a craft beer or expresso coffee into the mix along with some great food then you have ticked all the right boxes.

So, the next time you decide to organise a conference remember these five important reasons why your delegates need to attend in person. So, what are you waiting for? Get planning your next conference…


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